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Skilled Attorney Representation Before The State Bar Of California

Lawyers dedicate their careers to protecting the rights of others. At Century Law Group, LLP, we protect the rights of fellow lawyers. Our firm provides experienced counsel and representation to lawyers and legal professionals involved in complex matters before The State Bar of California, including defense against disciplinary actions, consultations on legal ethics and practice management, as well as in admissions and reinstatement proceedings.

View our state bar defense website dedicated exclusively to this area of our practice.

State Bar Defense

Our team of qualified attorneys has more than 50 years of combined experience representing other lawyers involved in state bar defense. Drawing on our experience, we defend the rights and reputations of lawyers under investigative review or facing disciplinary charges by The State Bar of California for alleged misconduct.

Consultations On Legal Ethics And Practice Management

Century Law Group, LLP, provides knowledgeable counsel on legal ethics and practice management for lawyers and law firms throughout the state. Provisions within the Rules of Professional Conduct are frequently updated or changed. Our firm keeps up to date with these changes and how they affect our clients, providing cost-effective consultations on all matters of legal ethics, professional responsibility and practice management.

We also provide independent consultations on conflicts of interest and other concerns which may affect our clients’ cases or practices.

State Bar Admission Or Reinstatement

Our firm advises those seeking admission or reinstatement to The State Bar of California. We provide in-depth counsel on how to properly address any concerns raised by the Committee of Bar Examiners, either on an initial application or in moral character proceedings initiated prior to admission or within reinstatement proceedings.

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While the assistance of a lawyer is not necessarily required when facing matters before the state bar, it can be invaluable to protecting your rights and professional reputation. For efficient, cost-effective legal services, call any of our offices in Los Angeles, San Diego or Northern California. Our toll free number is 800-465-4192. You can also email us.

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