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Representing Health Care Professionals Before The Medical Board Of California

Doctors, surgeons, nurses and other medical specialists are held to rigorous standards of practice. Even minor mistakes could result in serious consequences, including a formal investigation and review of one’s professional license.

Century Law Group, LLP, focuses on representing licensed health care professionals in Los Angeles, San Francisco and throughout California. From license admission or reinstatement to defense against medical board reviews or civil lawsuits, our attorneys provide experienced, results-driven advice and representation.

Medical License Admissions, Review And Reinstatement

With more than 50 years of combined experience, our lawyers provide knowledgeable counsel on all matters of medical license admissions procedures, hospital peer reviews and license reinstatement. We also provide counsel on maintaining an ethical medical practice in compliance with administrative regulations and all state and federal laws.

Our experience includes representing medical licensees from all sectors of the industry before relevant California licensing boards, including:

  • Board of Medical Examiners
  • Board of Registered Nursing
  • Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians
  • Board of Psychology
  • Board of Pharmacy
  • Acupuncture Board
  • Board of Podiatric Medicine
  • Dental Board
  • Physical Therapy Board

California Lawyers Experienced In Health Care Professional Defense

Medical specialists facing disciplinary charges or civil litigation for alleged misconduct often benefit from the proactive representation provided by our firm. If you have received a notice of investigation by the Board of Medical Examiners, Board of Registered Nursing or another administrative authority, we will assist you in the defense of your professional license, as well as your reputation. Our experience includes claims involving:

  • Patient-care violations
  • Alleged substance abuse
  • Ethics violations
  • Fee disagreements
  • Prescription errors
  • Surgical errors
  • Medical records violations
  • Medical insurance fraud

We will focus on the relevant issues and assist you in preparing a strong defense that addresses concerns and minimizes personal liability. We have represented medical professionals in hundreds of professional license review cases before the Office of Administrative Hearings, relevant licensing boards and before state and federal courts throughout California.

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Contacting a lawyer to assist in your medical license review is an essential step to protecting your rights and reputation. Contacting one with demonstrated success in health care license defense can be invaluable. To discuss your legal concerns, contact our firm for a free, 20-minute consultation with our experienced lawyers: 800-465-4192.

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