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Gov. Brown rejects license-focused bill aimed at pot shop sellers

California business owners must sometimes feel like they are among the least-saddled entrepreneurs on earth, yet simultaneously among the most aggressively regulated.

On the one hand, the state has long been a beacon for enterprising business principals who apply their talents to startups and other creative commercial ventures. California officials have historically extended an avid welcome to new business participants.

Cryptocurrency poses new ethics questions for lawyers

In the past few years, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum steadily gained credibility in the global finance market. Still, cryptocurrency—a digital or virtual medium of exchange-- is so new that many people barely know of it, let alone understand it. But as this new type of currency gains mainstream traction, it is raising complex issues in numerous fields.

Only one state—Nebraska—has issued an ethics opinion regarding cryptocurrency. And as many lawyers have found, accepting payment via cryptocurrency has opened a floodgate of legal ethics quandaries.

Criminal conviction proceedings on the upswing for CA attorneys?

Back to that fingerprinting.

We noted in a blog post from earlier this year the new fingerprinting onus placed upon practicing California attorneys. All of the state’s approximately 190,000 active practitioners must be fingerprinted by state law enforcement officials no later than April 30 of next year.

Protecting that coveted California professional license

Many California professional license holders might find it a bit unnerving that they continue to dwell on the exactions relevant to their duly-held credentials even after they have overcome every challenge en route to gaining licensure.

At the Century Law Group, our established team of license-defense attorneys doesn’t find that fixation even remotely unusual.

A heartless Catch-22 for many professional license holders

Legions of reasonable people are likely to regard the following scenario as a tale marked by unfairness and a flat lack of logic.

It’s simply and quickly conveyed. Imagine that, say, “Jim” is a professional from a select occupational group where having a specialized license to work is mandatory. Jim – like many millions of Americans – was once a student who incurred sizable educational debt to secure the industry knowledge and skills necessary to obtain that valued license.

No dearth of liability challenges for California attorneys

“When deals go bad,” stresses a recent Insurance Journal article spotlighting legal malpractice concerns for law firms, “clients start looking to their lawyers.”

And when those clients perceive that things are turning especially negative, it’s not stepped-up legal counsel that they’re usually looking for. Rather, it’s a sizable check from their retained attorneys’ malpractice insurer.

Already tough FINRA sanctions just got tougher for brokers

California’s many financial advisers who hold professional licenses in their field and manage clients’ investments have always been under a regulatory spotlight. A plethora of state and federal laws closely govern their conduct and render them potentially liable for alleged misconduct across the full spectrum of services they provide.

In short, it is no easy task to routinely stay abreast of the massive amount of regulation that marks the industry and to consistently remain in full compliance with all applicable laws. Bad-faith brokers and other financial pros do of course get into legal hot water with civil and criminal authorities, but so too do well-intentioned individuals who steadfastly focus on optimal client service.

Dancing dermatologist under investigation

All professionals, whether you’re a doctor, a veterinarian, an attorney or a bus driver, are judged in part on their customer relations. While the quality of your work may not be directly related to how you work with other people, what they think of you affects their overall experience.

When a customer or client has a negative interaction or sees your behavior as unprofessional, it likely decreases their opinion of your work itself. Sometimes, those interactions can lead to a challenge to your professional license.

A fee dispute can challenge virtually any California professional

You’re simultaneously focused on many things as a licensed California professional well established and respected in your field. You obviously want to impress your clients and customers, leaving them well satisfied with both your work product and the tailored outcomes you craft that optimally promote their interests.

Whether you are an attorney, doctor, real estate agent, architect, accountant, financial adviser or other licensed individual, you are dutifully wary of and seek to guard against adverse factors that can mar client interactions and performance.

Streamlined CA State Bar progressively focused on member discipline

Where the State Bar of California and its licensed attorneys are concerned, interaction is sometimes linked purely with administrative matters. Those are quite often mundane and pedestrian affairs.

In some instances, though (in fact, in a progressively increasing number of cases), contact from bar officials is decidedly the last thing that a duly credentialed attorney wants to see. We note on our website at the Century Law Group (with multiple offices spanning California) that bar/attorney communication can spotlight “alleged misconduct,” which is obviously something that a legal professional needs to promptly address. Proactively responding to such an allegation and employing a knowledgeable and aggressive legal strategy to protect against its downsides is often the sole recipe to keep a license intact and remain in good standing.

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