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Helping Licensed Professionals Resolve Fee Disputes

Fee disputes are among the most common issues that arise between professional licensees and their clients. Should disputes lead to a legal battle, having experienced counsel on your side can be invaluable in protecting not only your financial liability, but also the integrity of your practice.

Century Law Group, LLP, represents a wide variety of licensed professionals throughout California involved in fee disputes with former clients, vendors, consultants and others with whom they have a standing financial agreement. Our clients include other attorneys and law firms, private physicians and health care specialists, licensed real estate professionals, financial consultants and other licensees across various industries.

Experienced California Lawyers For Professional Fee Disputes

Our expertise in this area is driven by our highly experienced team of attorneys, who have more than 50 years of combined experience representing professional licensees throughout California. We provide informed and efficient service designed to help clients protect their rights and minimize financial liability.

Many fee disputes can be handled through direct and assertive negotiation or in arbitration, which can offer a more cost-effective alternative to civil court proceedings. However, we prepare every case from the beginning as though it will go to trial, so we are always fully equipped to litigate on our clients’ behalf should it become necessary to do so. We offer strategic representation to achieve results in an efficient manner.

Independent Review Of Retainers And Other Fee Agreements

The key to avoiding client fee disputes is clear and precise contracts that specifically address how payment will be handled. Century Law Group, LLP, offers consultative services on drafting effective retainers and other fee agreements that comply with statutory and administrative guidelines.

We can also review existing agreements to ensure compliance with current regulations. Our firm offers cost-effective solutions designed to help clients avoid difficult and time-consuming fee disputes in the future.

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Consulting with an attorney experienced with fee disputes can protect not only your immediate finances, but also your long-term reputation as a licensed professional. To discuss your claim with one of our skilled lawyers, contact Century Law Group, LLP, by email or call our Los Angeles, San Diego or Northern California office to schedule a free 20-minute consultation: 800-465-4192.

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