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Ready To Defend Your License At The 11th Hour

Owners of professional practices ignore or overlook license challenges at their own peril.

If you underestimated the resolve of a person or board who are investigating your practice, and an administrative hearing or litigation suddenly looms, you could benefit from last-minute representation that protects your rights.

At Century Law Group, LLP, our experienced license defense attorneys have safeguarded the interests of professionals just like you for decades. Clients from professions as far-flung as insurance, real estate, finance, the law and health care have received attentive, aggressive legal services that anticipate and address legal problems.

Professional Licensing Board Representation Even At The Last Minute

Are you being accused of substance abuse, malpractice or general negligence? If you did not take one or more of these accusations seriously, and now time is of the essence if your professional license is to survive suspension or revocation, contact our Los Angeles, San Diego or Northern California lawyers today for an initial consultation. We understand the extreme urgency of your situation. We can help.

Call our 11th-hour attorneys toll free at 800-465-4192. Email inquiries are responded promptly.

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