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California Medical License Defense Attorney

The Medical Board of California (MBC) seeks to protect the health of general consumers by ensuring the proper licensing and regulation of all physicians, nurses, surgeons, pharmacists and related health care specialists practicing in California.

Century Law Group, LLP, specializes in assisting health care professionals in all aspects of their medical licensure. Our services include experienced defense for those under investigation or faced with disciplinary action, as well as knowledgeable guidance in medical license application and reinstatement procedures. We also provide cost-effective ethics consulting services for independent, private practitioners in Los Angeles, San Francisco and throughout California. Call us at 800-465-4192.

Comprehensive Medical License Defense

A physician’s medical license may come under review as a result of many different factors, including patient complaints, internal hospital or peer reviews procedures, or routine inspections performed by government agencies or license/professional groups.

If your medical license has been called into question by the Medical Board of Examiners or equivalent medical authority, the lawyers of Century Law Group, LLP, will take decisive action to protect your rights and professional reputation. Our experience includes claims arising from:

Understanding The Investigation Process

Once a claim is filed with the MBC, it goes through an analysis by the organization’s Central Complaint Unit (CCU). Depending on the nature of the complaint, the CCU may request additional information from the physician or hospital in question, or inform the accused that he or she is under investigation for suspected violations. If you are contacted about a medical complaint, our lawyers can help you in responding appropriately to the CCU so as to protect your rights and interests with the goal of minimizing the need for further investigation.

Should investigations proceed, however, the case may be turned over to the Board’s District office. Investigators, in conjunction with a Deputy Attorney General, will investigate the matter and choose whether to issue a formal yet nondisciplinary citation or refer the case to the Attorney General’s Health Quality Enforcement Section for disciplinary action. The attorney general’s office may then proceed with a formal accusation.

Should the licensee dispute the accusation, a formal hearing will be scheduled before an administrative law judge. Our lawyers have extensive experience representing physicians throughout the entire legal process, up to and including representation before an administrative court. We work with clients to develop a strong legal defense that works to protect their rights, interests and ultimately, their professional reputations.

If the hearing results in an adverse decision, we can also help clients in appealing to the court for reconsideration. Clients only have 30 days in which to petition for reconsideration. We will act quickly and efficiently to obtain the best possible outcome.

Admissions Or Reinstatement

We also assist medical licensees of all kinds throughout the admissions or reinstatement process. While it may seem unnecessary to consult with an attorney, the assistance of one with demonstrated experience in the administrative medical review process can be a valuable asset. We provide insightful advice and guidance to help clients position themselves for success.

Ethical Practice Management Consultations

Our firm also assists private physicians and other independent medical practices with all aspects of ethical practice management. We offer cost-conscious consulting services to help clients remain in compliance with all applicable state and federal laws, as well as regulations set forth by the MBC and related health care administrations.

A Lawyer Can Be An Invaluable Asset

You may feel that hiring independent counsel is a waste of money. However, a lawyer with practical experience in this highly unique area of law can be invaluable to protecting your rights and achieving your goals in an efficient manner.

For more information about our medical board representation, contact us to discuss your needs in a free, 20-minute consultation. You can also call our Los Angeles, San Diego or Northern California office at 800-465-4192.

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