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California Attorneys Who Respond To Investigation Letters And Accusations In License Defense Cases

If you are a licensed professional in California — a doctor or nurse, lawyer, day care operator, real estate broker, insurance agent or financial analyst — and your ability to work legally is in danger because of a licensing board complaint, you need skilled license defense representation on your side.

And you need it now.

In Los Angeles, San Diego and Northern California, Century Law Group, LLP, attorneys aggressively advocate for the rights of clients targeted by licensing board investigations.

We Have The In-Depth Experience You Seek

No law firm in the state is more active in the defense of professional clients’ interests than ours. Our legal team has the combined decades of experience, command of the law and personal attention that can make a positive difference in your future.

We take charge of your case immediately and follow through to the favorable outcome we always seek. From the accusation and investigation letter phase to administrative hearing, reinstatement petition and appeal if necessary, we have the talents and track record that increases your chances of putting this crisis in the past.

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Whether an inquest is a foregone conclusion or you need sound advice on compliance counseling that proactively prevents legal pitfalls, you should speak with Century Law Group, LLP, right away. Contact us today for an initial consultation. Call 800-465-4192 toll free or reach us by email message.

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