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Proactive Representation In Hospital Peer Reviews

Hospital peer reviews are designed to address concerns about the conduct or quality of care provided by a doctor, surgeon, nurse or other type of medical specialist. While it may seem unnecessary to consult with a lawyer for such reviews, an experienced attorney can provide informed guidance on how to manage the claim and take the appropriate steps to avoid any further disciplinary actions.

Century Law Group, LLP, represents medical licensees in California who have been notified of a hospital peer review or who are already engaged in the review process. We offer proactive advice and representation to defend clients’ rights and professional reputations.

Experienced With Medical License Peer Review Procedures

Hospital administrations that conduct peer reviews must report findings to the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB), a federal database that tracks adverse actions taken against individual health care professionals. Being reported to the NPDB often results in medical board review and disciplinary actions such as license revocation, the loss of hospital privileges or removal from public or private insurance providers, among others.

Our Los Angeles attorneys handling hospital peer reviews take the appropriate steps to address concerns raised by hospital administrators upfront. We will review all evidence of alleged misconduct or disruptive behavior and protect clients’ interests throughout disciplinary proceedings. If warranted, we can also assist clients in appealing adverse decisions before the appropriate administrative authorities or in civil court.

Proactive Defense Against Sham Peer Reviews

While most peer reviews are initiated in good faith, others are brought against ethical physicians or nurses who have raised concerns about hospital policies or expressed differing views regarding medical practice or political views, for example.

If you suspect that you are being investigated for unjust reasons, the assistance of experienced counsel such as those at Century Law Group, LLP, can be a valuable asset in protecting your rights, your medical license and hospital privileges.

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The outcomes of a hospital peer review can significantly impact your medical license and the future of your career. If you have been notified of a hospital peer review, contact our firm as soon as possible to discuss your options with one of our skilled attorneys.

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