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Experienced Defense Guidance For Licensee Issues With Drugs And Alcohol

Are you a doctor, lawyer, health care worker, financier or real estate professional whose license may be revoked because of accusations of, and investigations into, your alleged addiction to controlled substances?

When your career and future is at stake during preparation for an appearance before a professional board, our experienced license defense attorneys need to speak with you. We have decades of combined experience and a track record of success in these cases.

We are Century Law Group, LLP, serving people just like you, with professional practices just like yours, in Los Angeles, San Diego, Northern California and throughout the state.

Listening Intently And Advocating Vigorously

The Century Law Group, LLP, legal team listens intently to your version of events, conducts an in-depth investigation of the claims against you and advocates aggressively during every phase of your journey through the legal process — from submission of investigation letters and accusations, to representation at administrative hearings, to a petition for reinstatement if needed and a vigorous appeal of any negative outcome at trial.

Skillful Handling Of Substance Abuse And Occupational License Cases

Our law firm offers reasonable fees and costs — and efficient service that will not waste your time or money. Our firm’s wealth of experience and extensive legal background helps us to understand and anticipate potential problems with licensing authorities. In negotiation and litigation, we help professionals from all walks of life to solve the ethical issues that arise in their everyday practices.

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