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Representing Insurance Licensees In California

The California Department of Insurance (DOI) regulates insurance professionals and companies throughout the state to ensure a fair and open marketplace.

At Century Law Group, LLP, we assist insurance professionals with all aspects of professional licensing. This includes representation and advice on license admission or reinstatement procedures, as well as aggressive defense against DOI investigations or audits due to alleged violations of the California Insurance Code or crimes of moral turpitude. Our insurance defense team has more than 50 years of combined experience representing licensed insurance professionals, experience that we will put to work for you.

Aggressive Defense For Insurance Professionals In Los Angeles, San Francisco And Statewide

If you or your company has received notice of investigation by the DOI, our experienced insurance defense attorneys can assist you in drafting responses that are both in compliance and in your best interests. By acting decisively upfront, we seek to minimize the need for further investigation. We defend insurance licensees accused of:

  • Insurance theft — One of the most common forms of insurance fraud the DOI investigates, theft could include relatively minor theft of minimal amounts to multimillion-dollar scams.
  • Elder abuse and exploitation — Including allegations of over-selling, misrepresentation, “selling away,” and selling unnecessary or inappropriate insurance products to senior citizens.
  • Using deceptive practices or fraud — Insurance sales consultants who deliberately use deceptive or misleading tactics to attract customers. Gross violations may include ignoring customer complaints or even encouraging such tactics during training.
  • Fraudulent or unauthorized insurance companies — Companies who illegally collect premiums for policies that essentially do not exist, or that the company has no intention of honoring.
  • Public adjuster violations — Violations committed by public adjusters on behalf of insurers, including engaging in illegal activities such as overcharging, providing unlicensed contractors and soliciting clients while natural disasters are occurring.
  • Title insurance rebate fraud and kickbacks — Fraud committed by some title insurance companies involving kickbacks to those who can assure the placement or referral of title business.
  • Bail insurance misconduct — Unique to the insurance industry, some licensed bail agents may engage in conduct which adversely affects an insurer’s claim settlement under the bail collateral system such as failing to return collateral or engaging in unlicensed activity.

Should the investigation proceed and result in adverse actions, whether by the DOI or civil litigation, our lawyers, who are well-versed in professional licensing administrative proceedings as well as in California state and federal courts, will aggressively represent clients in negotiation, arbitration or litigation.

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Century Law Group, LLP, represents a wide variety of licensed professionals in the defense of their professional rights and reputation. To discuss your legal concerns with our experienced attorneys for DOI representation, contact our firm to schedule a free, 20-minute consultation.

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