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Is Your Professional License At Risk Before The Department Of Social Services?

When you are a licensed operator of a child care facility or assisted living center for the elderly, your career is dependent on your professional license. If your license is under attack, your reputation and financial future is in jeopardy.

Turn to Century Law Group, LLP, for the clear legal guidance and vigorous advocacy you need. From offices in Los Angeles, San Diego and Northern California, our license defense attorneys provide highly experienced representation anywhere in the state for those called before the California Department of Social Services (CDSS). Call us at 800-465-4192.

We frequently represent:

  • Child care centers or day care operators
  • Adult care providers
  • Children’s residential care providers
  • Senior care centers or providers of residential care for the elderly
  • Mental health rehabilitation centers and psychiatric health facilities

Don’t Underestimate The CDSS

The California Department of Social Services has considerable power and discretion when it comes to disciplining licensees for alleged violations. If the CDSS determines that you have ignored a pertinent regulation or violated a statute, it has the authority to:

  • Immediately suspend your license with a Temporary Suspension Order (TSO)
  • Revoke your license completely
  • Place you on probation
  • Refer you for criminal prosecution

At Century Law Group, LLP, we will proactively explore all available options for defending your professional license while preserving your reputation and avoiding criminal sanctions. Our care provider defense lawyers are particularly adept at guiding clients through the complexities of the administrative hearing process for CDSS cases, which differs from that of many other licensing agencies.

Let Us Diligently Protect Your Rights And Your License

During our decades of successful service to business clients in the day care and nursing home industries, our child care and adult care defense attorneys have achieved notable results in cases involving a wide array of accusations. These include allegations of:

  • Abandonment
  • Child-on-child violence, or inappropriate supervision
  • Child abuse and neglect
  • Criminal convictions for adults-in-contact
  • Drug or alcohol addictions
  • Exposing children to sexual or profane conduct
  • Failure to maintain appropriate records
  • Failure to attend mandatory training
  • General negligence
  • Misuse of WIC, CalFresh or food stamp programs
  • Noncompliance with technical rules on safety
  • Noncompliance with radios
  • “Tough love” corporal punishment, such as battery and spanking
  • Unprofessional conduct

Set Up A Consultation Today

If you are a licensed day care or elder care professional who is facing the loss of your license, contact the defense attorneys of Century Law Group, LLP, immediately to secure an initial consultation. Our statewide toll free number is 800-465-4192. You can also reach our offices in Los Angeles, San Diego and Northern California by email.

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