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Three tips to defend childcare investigations

We all know childcare providers are extremely important in California. They provide necessary care for parents that allow them to continue to work. Childcare providers are licensed in California and must adhere to strict regulations. When a childcare provider is facing an investigation, it can be a serious matter. Knowing how to defend yourself against these allegations is critical.

The idea of having your childcare license revoked or rescinded may sound extreme but it is not far-fetched given the sensitive nature of child protection complaints and the amount of trust parents place on childcare providers. The following tips can help if you are ever facing an inquiry.

  1. Keep good records. A childcare provider should understand that keeping good records is important for any business. Ensuring you have the proper records to detail compliance with state regulations can help if you are ever investigated.
  2. Don’t wait to take action. A good offense if the best defense. Hiring an attorney immediately to control the narrative is essential.
  3. Keep on top of regulatory changes. Procedural changes are common as new rules and regulations occur every year. Failing to stay on top of these rules can lead to code violations, suspensions and even license revocation.

An attorney who specializes in licensing defense in California understands that their client is facing serious charges that can affect them for the rest of their lives. An attorney can help tell their client’s side of the story and make sure their legal rights are protected.

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