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California license-defense matters cover a lot of ground

Noting that a California worker faces one or more regulatory hurdles owing to a matter focused on his or her professional license does not imply much.

After all, license challenges are extremely common in California, and they encompass terrain that is singularly broad.

We know that intimately at the Century Law Group, LLP. Our deep and committed legal team collectively commands decades of experience advocating on behalf of licensed California professionals employed in myriad industries. We routinely represent valued and diverse clients from a wide universe of occupations, including these:

  • Health care principals, including administrators, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, mental health experts, laboratory technicians and more
  • Financial professionals ranging from advisers and stockbrokers to CPAs and brokerages
  • Attorneys working in every legal practice area
  • Real estate employees such as brokers, realtors, lenders and loan-modification entities
  • Owners and operators of child/day care and assisted living facilities
  • Insurance brokers and agents

Those varied individuals engage in highly differentiated activities, but share one thing in common.  That is the license they all possess as a prerequisite to work in their professional field. Invariably, the credential is hard-earned, being secured only after an intensive period of specialized study and training.

And, thus, it is unquestionably a big deal when licensure is threatened. A regulatory challenge from a body such as the California State Bar, Department of Social Services or state Medical Board can reap consequences that are devastating to a career, future livelihood and reputation.

A proven team of legal advocates specializing in license defense can protect against adverse license-linked outcomes such as suspension, revocation, denial, punitive fines and other sanctions.

A professional license is an attainment of unparalleled importance. Aggressive and knowledgeable license-defense attorneys can help safeguard it against challenges.

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