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What is license portability, and why is it important?

One think-tank principal notes that California’s professional licensing laws “have become so encrusted and bureaucratic that they often serve as an unnecessary barrier for skilled people who want to legally work in our state.”

State Senate Bill 679 directly addresses that obstacle. The legislation seeks to ease entry for badly needed professionals desiring to ply their credentialed talents in California.

SB 679 specifically focuses upon the mental health field and what is demonstrably a proven need for more practitioners to operate in that singular sphere. Reportedly, California is sorely understaffed in the area. One industry expert underscores the state’s “well-documented shortage of licensed mental health professionals.”

The author of SB 679 and a broad-based coalition of supporters want to fix the problem. State Senator Patricia Bates (R-Laguna Niguel) has forcefully argued for some time that California’s repressive limits on so-called license “portability” have slowed the needed relocation of well-qualified health professionals to California from other states. Daunting state requirements have largely dissuaded them.

SB 679 — now reportedly signed into law by Gov. Gavin Newsom – is now expected to ease the onus on would-be professional entrants from other states, provided they meet the prerequisites outlined in a streamlined process.

One commentator on the new law stresses the importance of license portability. She cites hopes that other states “will follow [California’s] lead” in easing up on onerous licensing conditions for qualified professional practitioners, regardless of where they are currently practicing.

SB 679 commands strong merit for its liberalized entry provisions that will likely induce a needed influx of professional workers into the state.

A tandem concern for many license holders is the continued safeguarding of the professional credentials they worked long and hard for. Questions or concerns regarding license challenges or protections can be directed to proven attorneys at an established license-defense law firm.

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