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Securing experienced legal help in CA bar disciplinary hearings

We note on our website at the California Century Law Group, LLP that “the assistance of a lawyer is not necessarily required when facing matters before the state bar.”

That professional assessment delivered by a license-defense law firm operating out of multiple offices across the state and with attorneys collectively commanding decades of strong advocacy comes with a caveat, though.

And that is this: Many California attorneys who face disciplinary action before bar examiners and potentially stark penalties most assuredly can benefit from the counsel and diligent representation of a proven legal team.

The downside consequences for a targeted lawyer tasked to appear before a bar panel or committee in a select investigatory matter can range dramatically from the trivial to the draconian. In a worst-case scenario, a licensed California attorney can have his or her hard-earned license to practice law revoked.

Often, that is for keeps, with disbarment precluding any further practice in the state.

Mitigation sometimes comes to the fore in a disciplinary matter. That was demonstrated in one attorney’s case before the bar recently on a matter alleging his misconduct in representing two bankruptcy clients. The attorney was specifically alleged to have systematically engaged in fund misappropriation and related performance failures.

Notably, the attorney’s charged malfeasance occurred during what was conceded to be an “otherwise discipline free record over nearly 40 years of legal practice.” Numerous witnesses testified to that, and hearing authorities stated that mitigation might reasonably feature in the matter.

Ultimately, it didn’t. The attorney was disbarred and additionally ordered to repay his victims more than half a million dollars as restitution for his wrongdoing.

The stakes can be high in a state bar disciplinary matter, with it being vitally important for an attorney facing sanctions to present the strongest case possible to secure an optimal outcome.

An experienced license-defense attorney team can play a key role in promoting that goal.

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