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Is California attorney disbarment or suspension a rare occurrence?

It can be quickly and emphatically noted in response to today’s above-posed blog headline query that California regulators are anything but lax when it comes to attorney discipline.

Put another way: Any person thinking that legal authorities only occasionally clamp down hard on select attorneys would be wrong.

And by a long shot. In fact, the Supreme Court of California annually disbars and suspends scores of lawyers based on some alleged wrongdoing. Reportedly, the state’s highest tribunal disbarred 131 California attorneys from practice last year alone.

Here’s another statistic, which can easily unnerve even the state’s most conscientious practitioners: The State Bar received a stunning 15,973 complaints against practicing lawyers during 2018. Extrapolated, that comes to nearly 44 a day – every single day of the year.

Given such numbers, it is easy to see why legions of lawyers across the state — again, even those who are arguably among California’s best – occasionally cast a proverbial look over their shoulder at state enforcement groups and agencies that can make their lives miserable in a hurry. The evidence is in, and it unquestionably underscores the heavy regulatory pressures that face California’s many attorneys as they practice their livelihoods.

We duly note those pressures at the Century Law Group, LLP, where our deep legal team of license-defense attorneys advocates diligently for lawyers spanning the state who need strong legal advocacy to protect their practicing credentials.

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