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News re opioid drugs underscores health industry concerns

It is material understatement to note that the health care industry in California and nationally is under close scrutiny from regulators and law enforcers.

Such has always been the case. In fact, the health care universe stands virtually distinct from other work realms for the continuous and exacting oversight its participants routinely face from myriad state and federal boards, agencies and sanctioning bodies.

One thing that has become an outsized and escalating concern for medical actors is the laser-like focus of regulators and various review boards on the opioid crisis that presently confronts the country. Individuals from within the medical community have been targeted by civil and criminal task forces as well as various disciplinary entities for their alleged role in prescription drug-related abuses.

And they are frequently punished as a result. Doctors and pharmacists especially have been spotlighted in cases alleging their wrongful actions aimed at the mass dissemination of narcotic painkilling drugs such as oxycodone and fentanyl.

A recent New York Times article on the opioid epidemic cites the so-called phenomenon of “pill dumping,” for example. Regulators charge that some pharmaceutical companies distribute opioids in unnecessarily large amounts to favored doctors and pharmacies that “then farm them out to vulnerable communities.”

There are obviously bad actors in every work realm. It is unquestionably true, though, that some of the medical industry professionals who become implicated in opioid busts and fraud probes are victims themselves — of undue complexity, a public clamor for action, prosecutorial zeal and simple error. We duly note on our license-defense website at the Century Law Group, LLP (with multiple offices spanning California) that the excessively rigorous standards that medical specialists are held to can yield harsh outcomes tied to even “minor mistakes.”

Our proven legal team defends against that, proudly representing medical professionals who need diligent representation before licensing boards and other bodies. We help our valued clients in all license-related matters, including cases focused upon prescription errors and other drug-linked issues.

We welcome readers’ contacts to the firm to discuss the impassioned advocacy we bring to bear on behalf of health care professionals.

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