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CA Dept. of Social Services: How far do its powers extend?

California businesses spanning virtually every type understand well the overlay of regulations on their industries generally and on them in individualized fashion. Legislators in Sacramento and working across the state are a collectively busy bunch, which yields material implications for commercial entities tasked with regulatory compliance.

Several realms stand out markedly for the particularly focused and detailed treatment they receive from state and local officials, with the medical/health care industry being one of them.

Actors in that universe of course encompass a broad group. They range from hospitals, nursing homes and pharmacies to adult care providers, senior-focused facilities, mental health centers and more.

All those participants share one thing in common, namely this: they are under the close and continuing scrutiny of the California Department of Social Services.

The CDSS is a primary agency when it comes to oversight and disciplinary powers concerning professional licensure for the state’s many health care actors. It commands plenary powers, which it does not hesitate to wield.

And it is not to be trifled with. As we stress to health care entities on our license-defense website at Century Law Group, LLP (with offices spanning California), “don’t underestimate the CDSS.”

As to those impressive powers (which include license suspension and revocation, as well as referrals for criminal prosecution), affected parties should know that they are legally constrained by both process and reason. Businesses targeted in disciplinary or enforcement matters do have rights.

And our attorneys routinely help promote them in administrative actions all across the state. Possible license-linked sanctions do not automatically equate to doom for California companies. Strong and timely legal advocacy can often help secure optimal outcomes for businesses facing license and related pressures.

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