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Thank you!

“Before I decided to retain you to handle my meeting with the committee I thought I wouldn’t be licensed in CA for another couple of years. You helped my dream come true! Thank you so much for prepping me and thank you for showing me that my situation wasn’t all that bad. I really was in the slumps. After meeting with you I felt confident and proud of how far I have come. You rock! Thank you again!”

Thank you!

“Thank you! Just to let you know that you did excellent in the court, especially at the end. I can say you did more than just your job. Sorry I didn’t tell you before but I was nervous and I had many other emotions going on at the same time 🙂 Thanks again and blessings to you and all your Family”


“I cannot thank you enough. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! We had a record day for a Friday yesterday, even with all the turmoil. Could not have done it without you. Like it or not, You are now family!”

A blessing.

“Thank you for your help this year. Your faith and support have been a blessing to me.”

I refer you…

“I refer you every opportunity I get …”

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