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What is professional malpractice?

Being accused of professional malpractice can be alarming in many respects. Those facing professional malpractice accusations, including doctors, nurses, dentists and others, should be familiar with what those allegations mean and what they can do to protect themselves against them.

What is a professional malpractice claim?

A professional malpractice claim essentially alleges that the service provided fell below the standard of care reasonably expected for such a service. It also alleges that damages were caused as a result and typically seeks recovery of financial compensation for those alleged damages.

There are several terms to be aware of that may come up during a professional malpractice claim. The standard of care is used to determine if the professional accused of malpractice was negligent. The standard of care is developed by what is customary in that professional’s community under similar circumstances and in similar situations. An accusation of negligence is an accusation that the service provided fell below the standard of care and that the professional is liable for professional malpractice and may owe some type of damages.

A professional malpractice claim can also include the settlement process and may involve insurance companies. Claims of professional malpractice can be serious and may also impact licensure in some situations.

The professional malpractice claims process can be complex and trained guidance can be valuable to have throughout. For that reason, professionals facing a professional malpractice claim should be familiar with professional malpractice defense options and how they can protect themselves from the potential ramifications they are facing.


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