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Legions of CA professionals have license challenges due to COVID-19

Who hasn’t been challenged in material ways by the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak of the past many months?

Tragically, of course, the pandemic has taken a massively deadly toll. Aside from the high number of virus-linked fatalities, though, individuals and families spanning the U.S. and across the globe have been adversely affected in myriad other ways as well.

California is a notable case in point. Millions of people across the state have lost their jobs or otherwise taken significant financial hits owing to employment dislocations.

A recent article authored by the California Department of Consumer Affairs (CDA) underscores the stark job challenges posed for many by the pandemic. It specifically focuses on one professional demographic that, like others, has faced mounting pressures in past months related to occupational licensing mandates.

Namely, that is the important group comprising individuals who tend to state residents’ dental needs. Those persons – dentists, hygienists and aspiring practitioners still in dental school – have been thrown into limbo in recent months by licensing-tied uncertainties.

California dental professionals are governed by a demanding regulatory scheme. There are always continuing education requirements to stay on top of. Mandatory training and exams are centerpieces of the dental profession.

The bottom line: Exactions must be timely and successfully complied with. Licenses can be threatened, suspended or lost when they are not.

The CDA oversees the process, and it has announced some material revisions concerning requirements owing to the adverse realities spawned by COVID-19. Many professionals have simply been unable to stay current with licensing exactions, given class cancellations, testing-site closures and other curtailments.

Now they will have some extra time to get thing done. A recently announced waiver will tack on an extra six months to the current July 31 expiration date relevant to license requirements for legions of dental professionals.

Those individuals will now have until December 3 to fulfill various licensing obligations.

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