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How to protect your daycare license

Running a daycare isn’t easy. It might be rewarding to work with kids all day and help them grow, but it can also be exhausting. And then there are the licensing concerns.

To run your daycare, you need to keep your license in good standing. You need to comply with all the rules and regulations. You need to keep kids safe. And you need to treat them well. Any complaints or violations can put your license at risk. Not to mention an arrest for possible child abuse or endangerment.

Good responses to bad situations

One Highland daycare provider found herself facing the worst situation in late 2019. She was arrested for the alleged abuse and endangerment of two children in her program. At the time of the report, the California Department of Social Services said they had not yet taken any action against the daycare. The owner also said she expected video evidence would help her clear her name, but the arrest put her in a tough spot, nonetheless. The daycare closed shortly afterward.

So, how can you prevent a similar situation from closing your daycare? Certainly, the Highland woman wasn’t the only daycare provider who’s faced criminal charges or complaints filed by angry parents. Accidents happen all the time. Sometimes, your employees may do thoughtless, stupid things that can have terrible consequences, such as letting a kettle boil within a toddler’s reach. As KTVU noted, nearly every California daycare has at least one problem on record. So, how do these daycares survive?

Many survive because they respond proactively. The Department of Social Services can respond in multiple ways. They can choose from options other than revoking a license or leaving the center alone, and daycares that react appropriately may convince the Department that the best response is to:

  • Deal with the employee at fault
  • Draft a compliance plan
  • Put the center on probation
  • Fine the center

These may sting, but not likely so much as having your license suspended or revoked.

Your license is your career

When you run a daycare, your license puts food on your table. It puts a roof over your head and clothes on your back. You cannot afford to lose it. It helps, of course, to avoid criminal charges, but people get accused every day of things they haven’t done. When an arrest or an accident puts your license at risk, you want a plan to clear things up.

There are many ways the Department of Social Services can respond to an accident or complaint. You can help them find the one that works best for everybody.

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