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Spotlighting the California Department of Insurance

A segue into any discussion on the California Department of Insurance might logically lead off with this rhetorical question:

How big is it?

Well, it’s … big.

Truly big. As in the largest consumer agency in the state. The CDI isn’t prominently about self-touting on its website, but it does note on that vehicle that it is the regulator of “the largest insurance market in the United States and the fourth largest in the world.”

That gives it corresponding clout, which it is clearly not averse to wielding or routinely using

The agency has nearly 1,400 employees spanning the state. It reportedly oversees 410,000-plus California insurance agents, brokers and other industry professionals and fields scores of thousands of telephone calls and related consumer inquiries.

And it disciplines industry principals, which is arguably where it focuses most of its energies. The CDI conducts an estimated 37,000 or more probes into alleged misconduct annually. That extrapolates to an astounding figure of more than 100 investigations every single day of the year.

Those probes are wide-ranging, with the CDI stressing that they yield “thousands of arrests every year.”

We know that to be true at the Century Law Group, LLP, because our deep legal team of license-defense attorneys helps to defend and promote the legal rights of insurance professionals targeted in CDI disciplinary matters.

Our website duly notes that, stressing our aggressive representation in matters alleging insurance theft, fraud, elder exploitation and many other unlawful actions. Our proven advocacy extends to both administrative actions and court matters, both in the first instance and on appeal.

California insurance professionals have an obvious interest in safeguarding their hard-earned credentials. Seasoned license-defense attorneys are strong allies in helping them to do so.

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