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California MD’s case spotlights regulators’ scrutiny of opioids

The story chronicled below in today’s Century Law Group, LLP blog post centrally alludes to the legal/regulatory challenges a California doctor currently faces concerning allegations of improper patient care.

At the same time, though, the narrative embraces a bigger theme. Namely, that surrounds the license challenges that can easily arise for state medical professionals generally, especially in a certain context.

That is this: prescription history relevant to opioids.

Those ultra-strong painkilling medications have emerged front and center in recent years as bull’s-eye targets for state and federal officials investigating wrongdoing in the health care sphere. Doctors prescribing meds have come under especially close scrutiny.

Such was the case for one San Joaquin Valley MD working in the city of Tulare, who is now on the receiving end of a state Attorney General’s Office probe for alleged prescribing misconduct. Authorities have asked the Medical Board of California to intervene in the matter and take license-linked action against the doctor. A board probe could result in license suspension or even revocation.

That is a heavy blow for any physician, of course. Moreover, it is cause for concern among the entire population of California medical professionals, given regulators’ currently strong emphasis — arguably, microscopic scrutiny — on opioid prescribing and controls.

Although the Medical Board has considerable power and latitude of action in such matters, it merits noting that its prerogatives are not unchecked. We specifically note that on our firm’s website, adding that our deep license-defense attorney team has decades of collective experience representing California medical professionals against license challenges.

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