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Why is student debt a core issue for a licensed CA professional?

Americans collectively shoulder sizable debt from many sources. Mortgage and rent outlays are an obvious and recurring obligation. Legions of people struggle with credit card exactions. Material and unforeseen costs routinely surface for individuals challenged by unexpected medical bills.

And then there is student loan debt, an onus that reportedly saddles Americans to a greater degree than it does the residents of any other country. Indeed, the debt levels amassed by some individuals in the United States to secure necessary training/degrees and professional credentials exceed the total price tag for a family home.

That IOU-tinged reality is of course a recipe for stress. And it can be particularly problematic in California.

Here’s why, as noted in a recent U.S. News & World Report article: California is among a distinct minority of American states “that still have laws that allow professional license denial, suspension or revocation for defaulting on student loans.”

How serious is that?

Well, it is obviously a sobering concern at the highest level for any Californian who worked painstakingly to attain professional credentials that suddenly become threatened because of loan repayment challenges.

We stress on our website at the established license-defense Century Law Group, LLP (with offices spanning California) the dire consequences that can attach for a licensed professional in the state who faces regulatory-authored disciplinary action. We note that an adverse agency outcome can affect “not only your immediate circumstances, but also career opportunities going forward.”

Such an outcome can be scarcely more imagined than in a case where a license to practice law, medicine or another profession is yanked because of delinquent student loans.

Century law attorneys provide knowledgeable and aggressive representation to California license holders whose credentials become challenged by regulatory action.

Your license was proudly attained through diligent and timely effort, and serves as a lifeline for future earnings. A proven legal team of license-defense advocates can help you protect it.

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