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CA realtors: Get a license and you’re ready to go, right?

You saw an attractive career opportunity meshing with your personality and skill set, and you took it. You duly fulfilled all the regulatory requirements posited for becoming a realtor in California, and now you’re ready to embark on a successful career, salesperson’s license in hand.

Wait just a moment. There might be a bit more to it than that.

We stress at the established California license-defense Century Law Group, LLP (with offices spanning the state) that the California Department of Real Estate “has very specific licensure requirements for those interested in practicing in the real estate market in California.”

To be blunt, there are additional hurdles beyond merely securing a license that an individual must clear before fully engaging in his or her chosen profession. Those are underscored in a recent article discussing California real estate licensing and practice.

For starters, you must additionally obtain a broker’s license (or affiliate with a broker) if you want to actually get involved in real estate transactions. Moreover, there are also hurdles to successfully negotiate for salespersons intending to market properties online. And, oh, there is this, as pointed out in the above article: The DRE “also requires licensees to pass a professional responsibility exam.”

Collectively, those requirements add up to multiple licenses and certificates that are hard-earned and merit close protection.

It is simply an industry reality that real estate professionals are sometimes challenged by consumers or state authorities. Probes into wrongdoing can encompass a lot of ground, ranging from alleged breaches of fiduciary duty to claims of forgery or fraud. Negative outcomes can adversely affect one or more of the valued credentials that a California real estate professional holds.

Proven license-defense attorneys know intimately well the stakes that are involved in any such challenge, and work diligently to secure optimal regulatory results for diverse and valued industry clients.

Professional licensing in California comes only with application and sustained effort. An experienced pro-licensee legal team can help ensure that a license challenge is responded to in a timely and legally sound way.

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