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How should a licensed California professional handle a fee dispute?

Readers of our blogs at the California Century Law Group, LLP likely know that there is no single answer to the above post headline.

Every fee dispute between a licensed California business professional and a third party has a unique fact pattern. Some disagreements can be resolved through direct discussions or mediation. Other fires must be doused through formal negotiation and a bit of applied pressure. And some must proceed to a courtroom.

Perhaps you are a lawyer challenged by a client on a billing matter. Alternatively, you might be a doctor, realtor, financial adviser or other professional who is similarly challenged and needs an experienced law firm’s knowledgeable intervention.

As noted above, a seasoned license-defense legal team might reasonably employ one of several strategies to secure a best-case outcome for a valued client. An optimal response can be determined only following careful study of the material facts in play.

We stress at the Century Law Group, LLP that fee disputes are often best avoided through early attention paid to careful contract drafting. We routinely work with clients to minimize potential downsides well in advance of their occurrence. And our legal team always stands ready to forcefully litigate a dispute when necessary.

We welcome contacts to our firm and the opportunity to discuss how proven legal advocacy can materially help a licensed California professional deal effectively with a fee challenge.

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