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How do CA’s licensing duties differ from those in other states?

California’s zealous and ever-proactive occupational regulators should let state residents “earn a living instead of a license.”

That is the core takeaway message delivered with force in a recent Orange County Register editorial. Its bottom line is akin to a scolding and a taking to task of what is views as regulatory control run amok.

Consider this, stresses the paper: California’s official licensing fiats adversely affect the state’s economy to a degree unparalleled in any other state. Reportedly, licensing requirements on workers engaged in scores of industries and jobs bar entry so effectively that hundreds of thousands of would-be employees never even make it to the starting point of their chosen profession.

And those who persevere often face daunting – and continuous – obstacles. The Register states that even a license needed for a relatively lower-paying career comes with high personal and economic costs that are illogically imposed. Exactions include hundreds of dollars in fees, years of educational striving, exams, continuing education requirements and more.

Is it any wonder, queries the Register, that the state has a vast “lost potential of people who want to work in a given field but are blocked?”

How much do over-the-top licensing mandates cost the state each year? Research results from one university study conclude that California is annually dinged by “a staggering $22 billion in misallocated resources – the highest tally in the country.”

Given the above, it is hardly surprising that professional license holders opt to diligently defend their credentials when they are challenged by state hearing boards or other bodies.

Attorneys at the Century Law Group, LLP help them do that. We welcome opportunities to our license-defense firm concerning questions or concerns regarding any matter relevant to California licensing duties and entitlements.

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