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Attorney impairment a real concern for the legal profession

This is “not something that should be swept under the rug,” says a company principal with an insurer that routinely represents attorneys and law firms in legal malpractice matters.

What that commentator and several other contributors voicing views in a recent media piece are referring to is the growing yet inadequately acknowledged problem of stress in the legal industry.

And not just pedestrian levels of stress that are routinely experienced in other professions as well. Rather, what Christopher Newbold of malpractice insurer ALPS and other industry insiders point to concerning attorneys in California and elsewhere is broad-based and ratcheted-up stress that sabotages work product and client results.

“There are just one too many things that put [the attorney] over the top,” says another insurance company commentator. He and others point to multiple factors ranging from unduly harsh workloads to law firms’ exacting focus on client acquisition and profits that promote lawyers’ impairment and burnout. Drug and alcohol misuse can result. Mental health issues can arise.

Even the most conscientious and well-meaning advocate can find himself or herself in legal hot water when such things materialize. In some instances, attorneys are contested by state hearing boards and examiners soliciting details concerning alleged addiction problems and related matters. Professional license suspension or revocation can become a real possibility.

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