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Change in security clearance rules spotlights military, finances

American military members who hold select security clearances justifiably value that entitlement, and for multiple reasons.

For starters, having a specified government clearance confirms that an individual has been duly vetted to perform an important role in national affairs. There is honor and more than a measure of earned self-respect that goes with that. And, of course, an earned clearance must be maintained for a servicemember to continuously do his or her job and earn needed income.

Clearances are understandably subject to a review process. As exacting as that can be in some cases, the U.S. Department of Defense recently made clearance monitoring an even more rigorous exercise for military members and DOD civilian employees. New guidelines mandate a “continuous” monitoring of many individuals with clearances, which supplants a long-entrenched process of periodic reviews.

A recent Military Times article stresses the bottom line on that, noting that a major focus of officials’ oversight will be on clearance holders’ finances. Things like tax-linked issues, credit-card debt and repayment problems in general will be subject to heightened scrutiny. Reportedly, holders will be under a more intense microscope than was previously the case.

The results of that are predictable, notes one commentator, who expects the number of clearance-linked appeals to the DOD “to jump exponentially.”

Century Law Group, LLP attorneys wouldn’t be surprised if it did. And if that turns out to be the case, our proven legal team of license-defense advocates stands ready to assist holders facing clearance challenges. Experienced lawyers from the firm’s multiple offices spanning California have a demonstrated history of client advocacy on behalf of military personnel and federal civilian employees. We routinely deal with adjudicating agencies, including the DOD Office of Hearings and Appeals.

Your security clearance is understandably of utmost value to you. A tested team of attorneys having a sole focus on safeguarding clients’ licenses and security clearances can help you take the necessary steps to protect it.

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