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Protecting that coveted California professional license

Many California professional license holders might find it a bit unnerving that they continue to dwell on the exactions relevant to their duly-held credentials even after they have overcome every challenge en route to gaining licensure.

At the Century Law Group, LLP, our established team of license-defense attorneys doesn’t find that fixation even remotely unusual.

In fact, we find it inevitable.

And here’s why. The multiple and arduous requirements imposed by California licensing authorities do not conveniently disappear for individuals who have worked painstakingly to become lawyers, doctors, financial advisers, realtors, insurance specialists or other professionals. Rather, they remain largely intact, and are even added to in many ways following licensure.

And that means this, in a nutshell: What is given can also be taken back.

That painful truth is routinely realized by legions of California license holders who suddenly find themselves challenged by state regulatory bodies for allegedly falling short on some continuing imposition or legality.

Indeed, that happens all the time. The persistent licensing challenges are formidable. It is easy to go astray. License holders can be found wanting to an extent that their hard-earned credentials come under scrutiny and are even materially threatened.

The outer limits relevant to that scenario can yield truly dire consequences, such as license suspension or even revocation. Such results in turn have an obvious impact on any continued ability to support a family, timely pay down debt or maintain financial traction. Issues surrounding professional reputation and prestige can arise.

Proven license-defense lawyers reasonably seek to ensure concerned individuals that, notwithstanding the potential for such outcomes to ensue, their occurrence is far from inevitable. We note at the Century Law Group, LLP, for example, that timely compliance counseling engaged in with an experienced defense team “can proactively anticipate and prevent a host of legal problems for a licensed professional.”

We welcome contacts from readers to discuss how input from proven license-defense attorneys can promote the best interests of California license holders having issues or concerns about their professional status.

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