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A heartless Catch-22 for many professional license holders

Legions of reasonable people are likely to regard the following scenario as a tale marked by unfairness and a flat lack of logic.

It’s simply and quickly conveyed. Imagine that, say, “Jim” is a professional from a select occupational group where having a specialized license to work is mandatory. Jim – like many millions of Americans – was once a student who incurred sizable educational debt to secure the industry knowledge and skills necessary to obtain that valued license.

Jim has recently fallen on hard times financially and been unable to stay current on his loan repayment duties. As a result, his lender has placed him in default status.

And then – here’s that drumroll punctuated by illogic – the licensing authority in Jim’s state of residency follows upon that action by … revoking Jim’s professional license.

Does that even remotely make sense?

After all, the only possibility for Jim to regain traction concerning the debt onus and to once again be deemed in good status by the lender resides in his making ongoing and regular payments from income received via his job.

Yet he now has no job.

The above-described dilemma marks a classic Catch-22 situation that in real life confronts many thousands of professionals – doctors, teachers, nurses, realtors, financial advisers and more – across the country who are trying to responsibly deal with onerous student debt.

Including individuals in California, which might surprise some readers. As noted in an in-depth media report, “Professional licenses can be revoked in 19 states [actually, now 18, with one state recently changing its law] if you default on student loans.” California is prominently on that list of penalizing jurisdictions.

It’s hard enough in California generally for a professional in virtually any field to secure a required license to work. The potential or actual loss of that hard-earned badge of attainment is obviously a big – indeed, a materially life-comprising – deal.

Any individual who finds himself or herself confronting such a hard challenge might reasonably want to contact a proven and aggressive California license-defense firm for counsel and diligent legal representation.

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