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Streamlined CA State Bar progressively focused on member discipline

Where the State Bar of California and its licensed attorneys are concerned, interaction is sometimes linked purely with administrative matters. Those are quite often mundane and pedestrian affairs.

In some instances, though (in fact, in a progressively increasing number of cases), contact from bar officials is decidedly the last thing that a duly credentialed attorney wants to see. We note on our website at the Century Law Group, LLP (with multiple offices spanning California) that bar/attorney communication can spotlight “alleged misconduct,” which is obviously something that a legal professional needs to promptly address. Proactively responding to such an allegation and employing a knowledgeable and aggressive legal strategy to protect against its downsides is often the sole recipe to keep a license intact and remain in good standing.

Just how focused is the bar on disciplinary matters involving its membership?

That’s an easy question to answer. The bar was dramatically reorganized in 2016 with the stated goal of better enabling it to focus on alleged lawyer misconduct.

And that focus is both sharp and apparent. A national news publication reporting on the California bar (the largest in the country) and its emphasis on membership discipline and punitive measures recently reported the bar’s receipt of 15,000-plus disciplinary complaints last year. Hundreds of attorneys were suspended or disbarred in 2017.

It is obviously a daunting and even frightening task for any challenged California lawyer to square off against the ranking legal body in the state when that entity alleges professional wrongdoing.

A practitioner summoned to appear at a bar hearing in a disciplinary matter does not have to go it alone. Attorneys from a proven license-defense law firm can strongly stand beside that individual as he or she seeks to defend a career and safeguard hard-earned professional credentials.

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