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You’ve got your security clearance: There are no more issues, right?

Although most jobs and career opportunities across California do not require applicants to obtain security clearances, legions do. It is routinely the case that many people working in the military, federal and state agencies, contracting firms and other entities must clear hurdles to secure the valuable right to work conferred through clearance.

That is often difficult to do. Some high-level clearances feature a rigorous investigative and vetting process. Moreover, they are subject to periodic review following issuance, and can be adversely affected by many behaviors regarded as problematic.

Many people who depend absolutely on their hard-earned clearances to work, earn money and progress in their careers do not know that even seemingly trifling things can endanger an already approved clearance. We note on our website at the proven license-defense Century Law Group, LLP, for example, that simply missing a payment on a mortgage can subject a license holder to questioning and, in some cases, yield a license suspension or revocation.

Myriad other things can also be deemed problematic by authorities, such as alleged substance abuse, any type of encounter with police officers, foreign trips taken, people associated with and more.

The bottom line: It is wonderful to secure a vaunted license, of course, but clearing the security process to do so does not always end license-related concerns.

When a security clearance issue that threatens current livelihood and, potentially, future career options rears its head, an affected individual might reasonably want to promptly seek help from experienced license-defense attorneys.

A deep legal team from an established law firm will have the capability to aptly handle all concerns from the initial security process through hearing matters and, if necessary, appeals before hearing boards and courts.

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