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Financial professionals under routinely searing regulatory scrutiny

Many members of the general public in California and nationally likely do not know what the acronym FINRA stands for.

That is certainly not the case for financial professionals, though. Those individuals (investment advisers, CPAs and other industry principals) think regularly about the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and its close nexus to their business.

There is a good reason why they do. FINRA is an independent entity that has regulatory authority over most of the country’s financial professionals. Its officials make rules, dictate procedures and, importantly, enforce penalties for violations.

That last point is key for those affected by FINRA sanctions. We note on our website at the proven California license-defense firm of Century Law Group, LLP that those potentially include “heavy fines, license suspension or revocation, and even criminal sanctions.”

A financial professional can face stark difficulties when challenged by FINRA — and sometimes other regulatory bodies — for behavior that allegedly violates a client’s trust or an industry expectation. Industry participants are routinely accused of things like stock portfolio mismanagement, account churning, fraud, insider trading and more.

They need knowledgeable and aggressive representation from legal advocates who regularly work within America’s complex securities law realm when that is the case. Attorneys from a law firm that specializes in defending financial professionals can provide diligent advocacy to a client in every facet of a formal hearing, administrative appeal or court process.

A professional license is a precious asset. It understandably needs to be defended aggressively against challenges by a legal team with a demonstrated record of strong client advocacy.

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