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When alleged substance abuse threatens a professional license

California professionals face challenges and risks that are multi-sourced as they go about their daily work. This is especially true for state-licensed individuals whose careers are centrally marked by hard-earned advance degrees and many years of intense training.

If you are one of those people (a doctor, attorney or financier, for example), you have likely heard about peers whose licenses were threatened or even lost in the wake of substance-abuse allegations.

Or maybe you personally are facing such a challenge and don’t know where to turn for guidance and an ally who will stand beside you as you fight to retain your livelihood.

Many people reasonably believe that years of toil and perseverance leading to professional licensure should not be compromised by one black mark relating to alleged drug or alcohol addiction. They regard the scuttling of a career owing to such an issue as being a tragically unfair result.

The attorneys at Century Law Group, LLP certainly hold that view. We proudly work diligently on behalf of license holders who deserve a second chance. Moreover, we contend that California residents are benefited when committed professionals are allowed to continue their life work without being subjected to predominantly punitive administrative outcomes.

We do not embellish on our website when we state that, “We have decades of combined experience and a track record of success in these cases.”

What professionals facing substance-linked accusations and investigations need to immediately know is that proven license-defense attorneys can provide proactive, on-point and aggressive representation at every phase of the process involving a license challenge. If you are facing license suspension or revocation at a board hearing, you have proven advocates forcefully protecting your interests at all times.

We welcome questions from every licensed professional in California having questions or concerns regarding any aspect of their livelihood.

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