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CA Medical Board increasingly aggressive in meting out discipline

Is there any reason for licensed California medical professionals to be concerned with the aggressive stance taken by the state’s Medical Board in targeting individuals for disciplinary actions?

Put another way: Is there are plausible reason why a potentially affected party would not be somewhat fearful? The Board has a demonstrated history of levying sanctions against doctors, nurses and other credentialed medical personnel across the state.

The numbers speak for themselves. One recent media report on the Medical Board and its notably active disciplinary bent reveals that the body oversees many hundreds of proceedings annually involving health care providers. Legions of those are focused on some form of punishment for surgeons and physicians.

In fact, the Board’s self-stated “outreach efforts” seeking to make it ever easier for state residents to file complaints against health care professionals yielded close more than 9,600 claims in a recent two-year period.

Clearly, medical pros in California are under considerable regulatory pressure, which empirical evidence shows is steadily growing.

We submit at the experienced California license-defense firm of Century Law Group, LLP (with offices in multiple locales spanning the state) that practitioners with hard-earned licenses do have some legitimate concerns regarding the Board. Given that the entity has a stated goal of investigating complaints against doctors and other industry participants (which it actively solicits from the public), such a result — frequent and aggressive intervention — seems logically preordained.

Targeted individuals need to be forceful in their response to Board attempts aimed at disciplining them through fines, censure, probation and license suspension or revocation.

Our seasoned attorneys help them do just that. As we note on our website, we provide timely and diligent legal representation addressing “all aspects of medical licensure.”

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