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California licensed professionals have much to safeguard

Individuals from all across California who hold hard-earned professional licenses that certify legitimacy and entry into select occupations face constant regulatory challenges.

Moreover, they are under perpetual public scrutiny, whether they are doctors, accountants, attorneys, financial brokers or other business professionals.

The attorneys at Century Law Group, LLP, care about that. We provide licensed individuals with sound advice and strong representation that fully promotes their rights and reputations against third-party legal challenges.

We go about that task from several law offices spanning the state. And in doing so, we note that, “No law firm in California represents more professionals against their boards, to protect licenses, than we do.”

Lawyers are certainly professionals who are subject to exacting rules and standards. Our legal team frequently advocates on their behalf, formulating best-case strategies and seeking to secure outcomes that mitigate downsides to the fullest degree possible.

A recent media focus on disciplinary action meted out by the State Bar of California to several attorneys in San Diego County underscores both the severity of some sanctions and the correspondingly clear need to aggressively contest them.

As that article readily points out, attorneys can get into legal hot water for wide-ranging reasons. And while it is true that attorney conduct injurious to clients was sometimes carried out in bad faith, it is also often the case that alleged wrongdoing was committed unintentionally.

And, of course, it sometimes turns out that an accusation was entirely unfounded.

Every licensed individual is entitled to due process and a fair playing field when professionally challenged by a third party.

The stakes can be high. So too must be the commitment of legal advocates entrusted to protect a license in a disciplinary or other administrative action.

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