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Getting help when you face professional license challenges

It could be a client who earlier voiced approval with fee arrangements, yet is now disputing them via a formal complaint made to the California State Bar.

Or perhaps it’s a lawyer who opposed you in a professional matter and, for reasons you can’t fathom, is now making ethics-related charges against you.

Further still, it might be an employee from within the state bar itself, a judge from a case you worked on, or parties we loosely term “malicious adversaries” on our professional license defense website at the proven Southern California Century Law Group, LLP.

The point sought to be made here is this: California lawyers often and easily find themselves targeted in State Bar disciplinary actions in which they are forced to defend their reputations and careers through processes and proceedings marked by stress and complexity.

At such a time, the bottom line is obviously critical. You worked incredibly hard for your professional credentials. You need to aggressively protect them when they are threatened by one or more parties making accusations as to your character and moral compass.

We duly note that legions of attorneys from all across California possess confidence in their ability to defend themselves when they are the target in a disciplinary proceeding spotlighting an alleged flaw in their performance or some other professional shortcoming.

While that is understandable, we stress on our website that it is often inadvisable to act upon the inclination. The singular nature and potentially adverse outcome surrounding an ethics complaint makes it advisable for any lawyer tasked to respond to legal authorities to promptly secure help from fellow attorneys “skilled in the nuances of handling State Bar disciplinary proceedings.”

The importance of your license cannot be overstated. Protect it through reliance on fellow professionals who focus daily on promoting the best interests of California attorneys in formal disciplinary matters.

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