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Licensing issues at the fore in UCLA pharmacy matter

UCLA has closed its so-called “compounding” pharmacy following a state probe of its internal records and practices relative to specialty drugs made and delivered for patients’ use at multiple university medical outlets.

Moreover, notes a recent Los Angeles Times article, the lead pharmacist at UCLA Medical Center Pharmaceutical Technology “had already abruptly quit” his position at that facility prior to the final shutting of its doors last year.

The Times reports that a state pharmacist who was merely conducting a low-level records review surprisingly found material evidence revealing that a high number of IV bags made at the facility were compromised by the inclusion of “expired and potentially dangerous” ingredients. Reportedly, some of those bags were used at medical centers across the Los Angeles metro area.

From the standpoint of our attorneys at the professional licensing defense firm of Century Law Group, LLP (with offices spanning California), the matter spotlights several key matters germane to formal state probes in the medical realm and licensing implications attendant to such investigations.

For the record, we note that the facility’s pharmacist-in-charge resigned his position prior to a state Board of Pharmacy investigation, and has not had his professional license suspended or revoked in connection with the matter. In fact, notes the Times, that individual voluntarily declared his license “inactive” prior to any formal probe.

The Board states that any sanctions in the case, which is currently pending, are mere possibilities.

It is important to note the sheer importance of a professional license to a person who has worked long and hard to attain it. The downsides linked with suspension or revocation can hardly be overstated, and it is thus an imperative that full due process attach in every case where a licensed California professional is being formally challenged by state bodies in a licensing matter.

Our firm has a deep well of knowledge and experience representing health care providers of every type in matters regarding their licenses. We duly note on our website that we have handled “hundreds of professional licensure cases before California licensing boards,” with our aggressive and empathetic advocacy yielding maximally positive results for many clients.

We welcome contacts to the firm concerning any license-related questions or concerns.

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