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MD's case spotlights health care regulator's oversight, powers

California health care providers -- ranging from doctors and psychologists to nurses, dentists and other industry professionals -- know acutely well how closely they are monitored and otherwise regulated by state authorities.

That's just part and parcel of being a practitioner in the medical field: the realm invites scrutiny that is unparalleled in most other occupational spheres.

Getting help when you face professional license challenges

It could be a client who earlier voiced approval with fee arrangements, yet is now disputing them via a formal complaint made to the California State Bar.

Or perhaps it's a lawyer who opposed you in a professional matter and, for reasons you can't fathom, is now making ethics-related charges against you.

Finra is zeroed in on alleged "rogue brokers" in securities realm

If you're a registered securities adviser/broker, you know what Finra is. In fact, you are likely regulated in all material aspects by that national not-for-profit entity, which sets policies and writes rules for most of the country's licensed financial professionals.

Finra -- which is shorthand form for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority -- also commands sweeping powers when it comes to enforcing its dictates.

Licensing issues at the fore in UCLA pharmacy matter

UCLA has closed its so-called "compounding" pharmacy following a state probe of its internal records and practices relative to specialty drugs made and delivered for patients' use at multiple university medical outlets.

Moreover, notes a recent Los Angeles Times article, the lead pharmacist at UCLA Medical Center Pharmaceutical Technology "had already abruptly quit" his position at that facility prior to the final shutting of its doors last year.

Cherished and protected asset: a California professional's license

California professionals across myriad industries typically have one thing in common.

And that is this: They worked long and hard to fulfill all the requirements necessary for becoming smart and valued members of their chosen profession.

Will Physicians Be Required To Disclose Probation Status?

Californian physicians were brought into the spotlight of the state Senate this year. A new house bill was proposed to renew the physician and nursing licensing board for another four years. While this is unanimously agreed upon, an addition to the bill has been contested. Under the proposed Senate Bill 798, a number of doctors on probation would be forced to disclose their status directly to patients.

Sen. Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, spearheaded this bill. In an effort to get the bill passed, he proposed the disclosure requirements should only affect doctors facing a select number of probationary issues. 

California Department of Social Services & Child Care License

In order to become a registered child care provider in the state of California, you are required to obtain a license through the California Department of Social Services (CDSS). As a licensed Family Child Care Home provider in the state of California, you are eligible to supervise 14 or fewer children in a home or home-like environment and provide any non-medical care for the children for a maximum of 24 hours consecutively. Upon licensure, your home will be deemed as safe and satisfying basic health and safety requirements. Once you become a licensed Family Child Care Home provider, parents seeking child care providers will be referred to you through Resource & Referral (R&R) agencies. Additionally, you may be eligible for financial reimbursements for food that you provide the children, from the United States Department of Agriculture's Child & Adult Care Food Program. To learn more about licensing options, you can visit the California Department of Social Services webpage. In order to become a licensed Child Care provider, it is important to complete the following steps:

Substance Abuse & Medical Licensure

Substance abuse affects many licensed professionals' livelihoods. Our attorneys have helped hundreds of professional licensees affected by drug and alcohol related convictions keep their licenses. Unfortunately, many medical licensees seek the help of a criminal attorney for the conviction, but fail to retain experienced medical license defense counsel. Healthcare licensees have a much higher probability of keeping their licenses and their livelihood if they consult with a professional license defense attorney early on.

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