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You've got your security clearance: There are no more issues, right?

Although most jobs and career opportunities across California do not require applicants to obtain security clearances, legions do. It is routinely the case that many people working in the military, federal and state agencies, contracting firms and other entities must clear hurdles to secure the valuable right to work conferred through clearance.

That is often difficult to do. Some high-level clearances feature a rigorous investigative and vetting process. Moreover, they are subject to periodic review following issuance, and can be adversely affected by many behaviors regarded as problematic.

CA health care provider fights back against CDSS license revocation

We noted in our immediately preceding blog post the vast sweep of regulatory powers wielded by the California Department of Social Services. As we stressed in our February 26 entry, the CDSS "is not to be trifled with."

We also noted in that post, though, that the CDSS's broad reach is far from limitless. A company targeted for some alleged wrongdoing should never just passively acquiesce to punitive treatment sought to be doled out by the agency.

CA Dept. of Social Services: How far do its powers extend?

California businesses spanning virtually every type understand well the overlay of regulations on their industries generally and on them in individualized fashion. Legislators in Sacramento and working across the state are a collectively busy bunch, which yields material implications for commercial entities tasked with regulatory compliance.

Several realms stand out markedly for the particularly focused and detailed treatment they receive from state and local officials, with the medical/health care industry being one of them.

CA Medical Board increasingly aggressive in meting out discipline

Is there any reason for licensed California medical professionals to be concerned with the aggressive stance taken by the state's Medical Board in targeting individuals for disciplinary actions?

Put another way: Is there are plausible reason why a potentially affected party would not be somewhat fearful? The Board has a demonstrated history of levying sanctions against doctors, nurses and other credentialed medical personnel across the state.

When alleged substance abuse threatens a professional license

California professionals face challenges and risks that are multi-sourced as they go about their daily work. This is especially true for state-licensed individuals whose careers are centrally marked by hard-earned advance degrees and many years of intense training.

If you are one of those people (a doctor, attorney or financier, for example), you have likely heard about peers whose licenses were threatened or even lost in the wake of substance-abuse allegations.

Wells Fargo case underscores need for strong license defense

Positive public relations hasn't exactly been a strong suit for California-based Wells Fargo the past couple years. Indeed, the bank has been under a withering spotlight for both allegations and proven charges focused on various types of consumer fraud.

Unquestionably, that has hurt the financial services company in a big way, and far transcending the adverse press it has received.

California licensed professionals have much to safeguard

Individuals from all across California who hold hard-earned professional licenses that certify legitimacy and entry into select occupations face constant regulatory challenges.

Moreover, they are under perpetual public scrutiny, whether they are doctors, accountants, attorneys, financial brokers or other business professionals.

Timing for brokers' fiduciary rule enforcement materially adjusted

The fiduciary standard applicable to investment advisers/brokers in California and nationally was a hot-button item in 2016. Implementing new rules to expand oversight duties and liabilities for financial professionals was a core objective of the Obama presidency during its final year.

The result: a regulation passed by the U.S. Department of Labor in June last year that brought these two key changes:

MD's case spotlights health care regulator's oversight, powers

California health care providers -- ranging from doctors and psychologists to nurses, dentists and other industry professionals -- know acutely well how closely they are monitored and otherwise regulated by state authorities.

That's just part and parcel of being a practitioner in the medical field: the realm invites scrutiny that is unparalleled in most other occupational spheres.

Getting help when you face professional license challenges

It could be a client who earlier voiced approval with fee arrangements, yet is now disputing them via a formal complaint made to the California State Bar.

Or perhaps it's a lawyer who opposed you in a professional matter and, for reasons you can't fathom, is now making ethics-related charges against you.

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